The Club’s Defibrillator

In November 2005, Ardboe O’Donovan Rossa was presented with a defibrillator from The Cormac Trust set up in memory of the late Cormac McAnallen. This device is currently housed in the Cove Manor Nursing Home, Mullanahoe Road and is available for use within the entire community. If it is ever required It could possibly save a persons life who may have heart problems and the following people are trained in its operation.

If in the event of the defibrillator being required please contact:

Laura Devlin – 028 867 36344

Neil Coney – 07767080803 / 028 867 36208

Gabriel Campbell – 028 877 38557

Elizabeth Campbell – 028 877 38557

Ciara Conway – 028 867 36244

Shane Coleman – 07787848177

Sharon Coleman – 07749611323 / 028 867 36074

Kathleen Conway – 028 867 36244

At the moment the club is also organising the re-training of the above people and also searching for new people to become involved with the Cormac Trust’s work and also more lay people to under go the training of the device.

More information can be found at